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Premium Water Filtration

Ensure your home is running efficiently with help from our specialists. Phone Water-Tech for premium water filtration treatments from our company based in Kilmore, Oban.

Water Filtration

Put your trust in Water-Tech to thoroughly test the water source of your rental property. We respond to those who have a water source that has failed hydrological checks by the council’s environmental health department. Test failures are caused by contaminants such as:

• Bacteria • High iron • Acidity
Water - Water Filtration


Quality Care

Give your water supply a clean bill of health with our expert help. Our dedicated staff are on hand to remove nasty contaminants found in your water, which can rot your pipes and home exteriors if left untreated. We design a suitable treatment scheme for your individual supply that lets us clean your water to a European standard.

Ultraviolet Sterilization

Treat the bacteria in your water system with our ultraviolet sterilisation unit. We pre-filter your tank to remove all of the particles, and then use an ultraviolet light to kill the unwanted bacteria in your tank. Our extra filtration process is used in the case of any additional problems such as acidic water and iron.


Terrific Treatments

Enjoy a well-maintained water supply with help from Water-Tech. You can receive up to £800 in grants per property for water system improvements from the Scottish government. Our improvements will create even more savings if you have more than one property that uses the same supply.

Choose Water-Tech and we ensure that there is no requirement to disturb any external or internal pipework, by placing your water treatment into a suitable structure before it reaches the house. One common choice for this is to put it into an outhouse outside. Although our specialists do not install bore holes, we are always on hand to install filtration, so contact us today.

Annual Maintenance

Invest in the peace of mind you deserve with annual maintenance of your water system. We offer our upkeep services to both residential and commercial properties according to the legal requirements.
We are expected to inspect hotels or restaurant systems annually, and residential properties every four years, so call and book your assessment today.


Contact Water-Tech for premium water filtration that will add value to your home.